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  • 25 mai 2014 /
    J. Allen
    Questionnaire Sonicyouthesque

    réalisée par gdo

What is Sonic Youth for you ?

Like Lee Renaldo says.. ’song forms.. and freedom’.

Why take part in this project ?

Because moreso than a lot of other music, Sonic Youth songs really seem to be uncoverable.. especially as a solo artist. I really had no idea how to do it.. so that’s why I wanted to. I’m looking forward too to seeing how everyone else approaches these songs.

If you had to choose a song by Sonic Youth ?

Probably Sugar Kane.. just because it’s the first one I ever loved.

Sonic Youth in a word ?


Sister, Evol, Dirty, Daydream Nation ......... finally what Sonic Youth album ?

Washing Machine I think.. but 1000 leaves is pretty great too.

The heir to the current scene ?

I’m not sure.. I’m pretty out of touch with the scene ;)

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