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RAILCARS Lucky Dragons, No Age, Xiu Xiu, appear on railcars remix EP more remixes from Jeans Wilder, White Rainbow, and Truman Peyote // up for free download right now + Kate bush cover !! 5RP

MP3 : castles (Lucky Dragons remix)

MP3 : castles (No Age remix)

MP3 : cathedral with no eyes

MP3 : Hounds of Love (demo) (Kate bush cover)

The LA-based noise/scuzz-pop act railcars (aka Aria Jalali) is currently working on his debut full-length for 2011 release and finishing up his cover of Kate Bush’s masterpiece "Hounds Of Love". To hold you over, Jalali is offering a free EP of remixes from his recent "Cathedral With No Eyes" release. Featuring reworks by No Age, Lucky Dragons, Xiu Xiu, Truman Peyote, White Rainbow, and Jeans Wilder the EP is available for free right now on http://www.ariajalali.com .

1. castles (original) 2. castles (no age remix) 3. castles (lucky dragons remix) 4. castles (jeans wilder’s day off remix)

5. cathedral with no eyes (original) 6. cathedral with no eyes (xiu xiu remix) 7. cathedral with no eyes (white rainbow remix) 8. cathedral with no eyes (truman peyote remix)

"Dense, rainbow-noise music...Jalali is not just some in-the-know dude with righteous bros, his music is every bit as hyperchromatic as the well-known acts he’s played with, submerging pubescent pop songs in a tank of acidic gear drainage." - RCRD LBL

"Jalali has a real knack for the artfully noisy, arranging decaying electronics, analog feedback, odd percussives, and a whirlwind of vocals into some downright pretty and driving soundscapes." - LA Weekly

"Railcars maintains all the weirdness of bands like Religious Girls and Thee Oh Sees, while implanting industrial beats into the fold." - IMPOSE

"You’ll discover the big, skuzzy power-pop heart that shitgazers Times New Viking might have if they were machines instead of men (and women). The thumping, dirty electro beats might even inspire you to dance — once you stop feeling so nervous, that is." - SPIN.com

"Take Swan Lake’s Beast Moans, throw it in some mud, stick it in a fluorescent-lit garage, beat it with a baseball bat, and throw it in a well. Then you’ll start to get the idea of Railcars." - Magnet Magazine

"Cathedral With No Eyes" 12" available now at Stumparumper out digitally on Gold Robot Records


BAND http://www.myspace.com/railcarsmusic http://www.ariajalali.com

LABEL http://www.stumparumper.com/

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